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About us

Introducing Beaconhouse PeiKen, a Mandarin-English Preschool in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

We offer the Mandarin-English immersion programme where Bahasa Melayu is also taught as the 3rd language. Strong emphasis on Mandarin - English delivered by qualified and competent early years educators during the foundation years will provide great opportunities for children to master languages effortlessly through our active forms of learning: on enquiry, on discovery and first hand experiences.


Age groups

1.5 Years Old
3 Years Old
4 Years Old
5 Years Old
6 Years Old

Why Choose Us?


  • PeiKen has been a good choice for us as he starts to improve his English and Mandarin. Start to build up sentences which he never did before. Highly recommended for parents who're looking for a bilingual school.
    Jordan Tuck (current student - 5yo) - Michael Tuck
  • Everyday my kids are looking forward to going to school. He very much enjoys his learning time in school and having a great time with the teachers and classmates. Highly recommend it!
    Aiden Yong (graduate of 2023) - Samantha Chong
  • I find that Beaconhouse teachers are well trained in terms of handling the toddlers. They are dedicated and skillful. Nevertheless, the level of patience towards the children, especially my son, made him more confident and showed interest in his studies. Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, teachers gave their utmost dedication to ensure all the students understood the lessons while having wonderful fun learning experiences.
    Reshvind Yang (graduate of 2022) - Mrs.Yang
  • We got to know this school was from an influencer. She highly recommended Beacon House as this school values personality more than academic. We are happy to send our kid to Beacon House. He had a really good study environment and study life there. Special thanks to his 3 class teachers, Teacher Latha, Teacher Elaine and Teacher Siew Pin. Preschool is important for a kid..and these 3 teachers did an awesome job.
    Koenn Chin (graduate 2022) - Voon